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Choy Weng Hoe Choy asked 8 years ago

Hi Peter & KC,
I joined Bursa Method on 23 Dec. Prior to joining Bursa, I have been investing in Bursa and will share with you the companies that I have speculated & invested in another email.
I have completed my moducle 3, and have done some selection which I appreciate it very much if you could provide guidance to me. 
My methodology is as follows:
1) Select shares with 15% ROE above from equities tracker
2) Filter the price to book ration below 2. 
3) I realised most of the counters are properties company where the ROE is not stable at least for past 10 years.
4) Noticed MBSB and Turbo have good ROE, and in particular Turbo has zero debt. However both counters seems not doing well in 2015. 
5) Finally, I found Willogen and particularly like the counter due to it has consistently above 15% ROE, zero debt, capable MD at least from the directors portfolio, and done reasonably well so far in 2015 upto Q3 with hint that they will achieve satisfactory results in 2015. 
Pls. guide me on Willogen or my screening process. As I cannot attach the email here, will email to KC separately.
Thanks a lot. 
Weng Hoe