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Lum Ngean asked 9 years ago

Hi Peter
I have shortlisted company with ROE above 15% ie stock Haio ( code 7668 ) with average
ROE 16.9 % ( over a period of three years ).
From PBB brokerage platform, I got the info for the below:
Last price RM 2.25, Prv close RM 2.26, M Cap 454.928 m, NAB 1.3, FYE 30/4/15, DIV 10 cent, 
PE 11.08.
My question is a) how to work out the book value from the above information ? b) since the PE is given 
in the brokerage platform, is it good enough to use as reference form time to time or need to calculate
from our own base on Price divided book value
C N Lum