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Liew Choon Fong asked 9 years ago

Dear KC and Peter, I had shortlisting Five stocks that PE <10 
(a) KHIND BHD ( PE=8.18)
(b) LTKM Bhd (5.10)
(c) Malaysia Buidling Society Bhd ( 4.74)
(d) Cypark Resources Bhd ( 8.1)
(e) Pavilion Reit ( 8.15)
I had shortlisting a stock with PE =11.50 , there is Padini Holdling Bhd
After shortlisting of stock, what is next I need to do ?
Is it study details of financial report of tghis company detail, which area , I need to focus ? any template for this data analysis?
Here I have some thing to get your kind advise:
(1)I get this PE data from, I go to search one-by -one, 
..Is there any way or other website  to search with PE<10 , then all company will come out .no need one by one to check the PE?
(2) I would like to search eg khind share price on 31/1214 and 31/12/213, where can I get it?
(3) I had shortlisted 5 company with PE less than 10, next I need to go through details of the financial data of this company , what data I need to gather and submit to you  , Eg: EPS,ROE,ROA, Share Price,Mkt cap,NTA , Equity ,Net Debt, Net Cash,Revenue, Net Income,……..
(4) For P/E, the formula P/E is Market Price divided by EPS or  Mkt Cap divided by Net Income??
   May I know what PE can tell us ? For a company =Higher better or lower better?
(5) I am notice that most of company have PE>10 , so is it mean we better do not invest in this company? And why ?