Shortlisting of Stock Using ShareInvestor.Com Data

Q & AShortlisting of Stock Using ShareInvestor.Com Data
Lawrence asked 7 years ago

Dear KC and Peter,
I have completed my homework and sent it via email to both of you. I am very glad that Peter said he will review it during the upcoming webinar. So let me write down my questions here too.

Here are the steps I did the homework:

  • I used Screener (Market Screener FA & TA) to screen stocks with ROE > 15% for the past 5 financial years, and  I get 35 counters.
  • I am using iTrade CIMB trading platform but this platform does not have the features like PBB platform as shown in video. To overcome this, I use portfolio watchlist function to list down all 35 counters for the price, NAV etc.
  • With the above 2 tables, I do VLookup and so on.

I have 7 Questions need your explanation:

  1. Is the above method okay? Do you have any other smarter way to do it?
  2. Peter advised us in the video (Module 4 Shortlisting of Stock) to widen our net by shortlisting around 70 stocks, but I only get 35 counters by using the screener. I wonder is this method correct because I only get 35 counters with ROE > 15%?
  3. Should we screen stocks with ROE > 15% for the past 3 financial years instead of 5 financial years? I noticed I can get 54 stocks if I screen it for past 3 financial years.
  4. I am not sure why the calculated P/E in my homework are 0.xxxx. I could not trace the root of the problem. Please advise me where I go wrong.
  5. When we talk about book value of a stock, is it by default it must be in the form of “per share”? I am confuse when shall we use total NAV and when to use “NAV per share”?
  6. What is “trailing 12 M Sep 2016” and what is the difference between “Full Year Jun 2016” in a financial statement of a company as shown in
  7. I saw Heineken financial statement has “Full Year Dec 2016”, “Full Year Sep 2016” and “Full Year June 2016”. What is that? In this case, which ROE should we use? 

Thank you.

1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Lawrence, we’ve covered your questions in details during the 1st session of April 2017.
Minute 57:24