Share Price on ChartViewPlus vs Bursa Malaysia

Q & AShare Price on ChartViewPlus vs Bursa Malaysia
Yee Voon asked 5 years ago

Hi KC and Peter,
I was doing homework on Elsoft Research Berhad and came across a few questions.

  1. Based on CV+, the maximum stock price (2013 – 2019) for Elsoft is less than 1.6, but on Bursa Malaysia it’s about 3.5 (with a sharp drop on November 2018). Which one should I refer to? Should I be worried about the sharp drop in price (from 3.2 to 1.4) during my analysis?
  2. I’m also trying to find the total dividend payout to calculate the dividend payout ratio – the closest thing I can get is DPS. I know I could get the total dividend payout by multiplying DPS by number of shares outstanding, but I don’t think it’ll be accurate for the previous years. Any ideas how to get the total dividend payout for the previous years?
  3. What’s the difference between basic, diluted, and adjusted EPS? Which one should I use if I want to calculate dividend payout ratio, per-share basis?

Thanks in advance!!

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Peter Lim Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Voon,

  1. Regarding the maximum price, u may email CV+ to ask them. I believe they can check it out. May i know where did you get “sharp drop in price (from 3.2 to 1.4)” ? I’m not sure which r u referring to. Generally, i’m happier when stock prices are lower, as long as the company’s intrinsic value remains (or gets higher). Why i feel so? Its simply means that i get a better company at a cheaper price.
  2. Can get dividend payouts from the annual report, under “Statement of Changes on Shareholder’s Equity”, or you may use DPS divide by EPS on that particular year to get Dividend Payout Ratio.
  3. Basic is taking the company’s Net Profit divide by shares outstanding. Diluted factors in the dilution effect caused by warrants or options of that company. If the company does not have warrants or options, then basic and diluted EPS is the same. Adjusted EPS is when a company have share splits or bonus issues, thus the number of shares increased. To make a fair comparison, previous years EPS is adjusted as if the bonus issue and share split happens to that year too.


Voon replied 5 years ago

Thanks Peter for your reply. I got the price based on Bursa Malaysia:
Chart Period: 5 years

I got confused since Bursa Malaysia is the only source that has differing historical share price compared to the others (Google, CV+, Rakuten Trade). What do you think about this?

Further question on EPS: if I want to use EPS for calculation (for example finding DPS/EPS), I guess I should use the one that gives me a more conservative result (basic, diluted, or adjusted)?