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LO CHEE SING asked 6 years ago

Hi KC Lau May i know how to go through on this online course? Is that we go through the Quick Start first followed by the Core Training Module and then later on the Platinum Content in Chronological Order? Can you guide me step by steps otherwise i might not be following the correct order. How about on the CONTENT title? Is it the same video as per Quick Start and Core Training Module?

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KCLau Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Lo,

1. You spell out the right sequence. Of course that’s not the only way to do it. First, look at this video on the “Get Started!” page:
I show you how to begin and make use of your membership

2. The “Content” has the same video as “Course”. You don’t need to use “Content”. Because “Course” page has all the links and more organised.