Operating Income and Interest Expense (ChartviewPlus vs Annual Report)

Q & AOperating Income and Interest Expense (ChartviewPlus vs Annual Report)
Wai Hau asked 6 years ago

Hi KC and Peter,
I tried to cross check the values in ChartviewPlus and company’s annual report. I noticed that there is a difference of figure for operating income and interest expense. Just take Padini as an example, for 2018, the operating income and interest expense in ChartviewPlus are 217.47 and (2.14), respectively; whereas in company’s annual report the figures are 242.37 and (2.67), respectively. Excluding the two, other figures in ChartviewPlus seem to tally with the company’s annual report. Which figure should i use? Should i use the value in ChartviewPlus or the one in annual report?
Thanks in advance.
Wai Hau.

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KCLau Staff answered 6 years ago

Annual report is the source.
CV+ get the data feed from another company that sell these stock data. There will be human errors.