Newbie on CIMB i-trade – Current limit Question

Q & ANewbie on CIMB i-trade – Current limit Question
Kian Hua Khoo asked 4 years ago

Hi Peter/ KC,
I am newbie in Malaysia stock market. I have just funded my CIMB i-trade account. But when I want to buy share, the trading limit is always MYR239, and I get an message as below. Could you let me know what is wrong?
1,000 unit(s)@ 0.720
Value = MYR 720.00

Indicative Exchange Rate
1 MYR : 1.0000 MYR
Trading Limit=MYR 239.00
Trx Fees=To Be Advised
Not Sufficient Current Limit Where CL (239.00) < Contract Buy Value( 720.00)

1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Kian Hua, how much did you fund your account?
From your pasted message here, I think it says you only have RM239 in the acccount.

Kian Hua Khoo replied 4 years ago

Hi KC, thanks for the reply. Sorry that i just notice CIMB require 1 working day to update account value into system after FPX to my account..