New to Bursa Method : Should i sell or hold my current stock ?

Q & ACategory: QuestionsNew to Bursa Method : Should i sell or hold my current stock ?
Jeffrey asked 5 years ago

         I am new to bursa method (joined on 22 Dec ) and I went through all your quick start training already. After the quick start training,  I realize that all the stock I have on hand is not categorized under “Good company”. What will be your recommendation on my next step? Should I sell it and start from scratch? or should I hold it first and go through all your training module 1-4 before I decide my next step?

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NICHOLAS OH answered 5 years ago

You should revisit the reason you bought those stocks in the first place. If the reason you bought them are no longer valid, then there is no reason to hold on even if you are sitting on a paper loss/gain. For example, consider a scenario where the price of the stocks you are holding today falls 10 or 20% in the future, will you continue to hold them then, top up or sell at an even steeper loss ? 
So in my opinion, its better to have the right mindset and framework first before investing in any company.