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Adam Phong asked 4 years ago

Hi  KC,
I signed up recently and went through the videos in Module 1. I found that Module 01C – Investment Philosophy Part 3 ends with a preview of the next section which talks a bout the criteria of good quality stocks.
However, the next video immediately jumps to Example of Valuation Calculation. There seems to be a gap there. Where can i find the content in between the 2 videos?
In addition to that, the Valuation Creation video starts immediately at the calculation, skipping the definition of ROE, growth rate, etc. Where can i get the info for these as well?
Adam Phong

1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Adam, you can follow the sequence outlined on this page:

On the Core Training Modules, you can click the tap “Module 2” to get to the next video about Basic Accounting & the Stock Selectiokn Criteria, which are the next video you are looking for.

I also suggest that you watch the orientation video so you know best how to navigate the content. See the video here: