How to join Peter Partnership fund?

Q & AHow to join Peter Partnership fund?
Sherlene Leong Boon Kwan asked 5 years ago

Hi Peter and KC,
I am new member in Bursa Method. If not mistaken joined last December 2018.
Still trying very hard to understand the overall course.
I have 2 questions. 
First, may I know how to join Peter Partnership fund? I have committed every month of RM1000 for Unit Trust investment. The return is not very desirable, was thinking to join PP fund instead.
Second question is how to open an account to buy US stocks. I got an e-Trade account and not sure how to access this account.
Your advice is very much appreciated and thank a lot in advance.
Sherlene Leong

1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Sherlene, 
PP Fund has a requirement of minimum US$100k to start. You can contact Peter directly to invest with him.
There is a training about choosing brokerage here:
Most members use Interactive Brokers or Singapore Maybank KimEng