How to get Agape ATP financial report?

Q & AHow to get Agape ATP financial report?
Sze Huei Yek asked 6 years ago

Hi Peter & KC,
I was made aware that Agape has submit SEC filling for NY stock market and they are offering to cell pre-IPO shares now for Malaysian. Agape ATP Corporation used to be Agape Superior Living Sdn Bhd and they change 2 years ago to ATP to prepare for the listing.
Pre-IPO is too high risk for me but I am doing this research for my father that seems to be attracted in by the high return ‘promise’.
Sze Huei (Zoe)

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Peter Lim Staff answered 6 years ago

I’m not sure how to get those reports as i don’t have experience investing in Pre-IPO or private companies, which are subject to very high risk and accounting manipulation. There’s enough problems in public listed companies.

Sze Huei Yek replied 6 years ago

Thanks. This is also what I got. My family members are definitely high risk takers….

Peter Lim Staff replied 6 years ago

I searched in google, and got this:

Hope it helps.