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Julia asked 5 years ago

Hi Peter and KC, can I do 5 year stocks evaluation if there are only 2 years of financial report? For example, Inta Bina only has 2017 and 2018 financial reports in bursa Malaysia. Can I get the rest of the figures eg ROE, net income from chartview plus? However, I wouldn’t be able to evaluate their reports before 2017. But their performance seems good from the figures in chartviewplus.  So would u recommend to buy these kind of stocks? Thanks 

NICHOLAS OH replied 5 years ago

Inta Bina has only 2 years of financial data because it was listed 2 years ago. If you want more data further back you may refer to their IPO document.

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Peter Lim Staff answered 5 years ago

Why does that company only have 2 years financial report ?