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Liew Choon Fong asked 9 years ago

Dear KC, good morning.
For Your kind information,I am new to Share Investment ,I am not strong on financial study.
I have go through the four module, .  I am still not so clear how to get
(a) calculated company value – company worth
(b) calculated Company Unit price
(c) Intrinsic Value
(d) Price/Book ( price to book value)
(e) Margin of stock
(f) Retention rate
(h) P/E
(f) NTA / share
(h) Price of company
(i) Earning Growing Rate
(j) Price Earnig Growth
(k) Value Book
(l) Capital employed
(j) Assumption Growth ( g) and calculated growth
(k) Dividen Payout Ratio
(m) What is DPS?
Thank You.
Kellie Liew