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Q & AChartViewPlus Subscription for existing member
CHANDRA MORGAN asked 5 years ago

hi KC, 
I am an old member of the platinum but have not been doing any research using ChartView Plus tool, is the membership only valid for 12 months upon joining the Platinum group or is it based on active usage of the ChartView?
If based on initial join date, is there any discounted price available joining via Bursa Method or is a standard price as advertised online on their website?
Thank you in advance.

2 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Chandra, CV+ is included for the first year only. When members renew Platinum Membership of Bursa Method, they will also get CV+ bundled together.
Well, if you wish to sign up only CV+, without Platinum membership access, we don’t offer that option already.

KCLau Staff replied 5 years ago

Hi Chandra, I had sent a support email to Winvest that copied you. They shall get your issue solved soon.

CHANDRA MORGAN replied 5 years ago

Hi KC, has the login details had been emailed back to me?

KCLau Staff replied 5 years ago

Yes. We will get your login details emailed to you.

CHANDRA MORGAN replied 5 years ago

Thank you KC, i am already existing Platinum member, do i get to CV+?

Olivia Oh answered 4 years ago

Hi KC, I’m a first year member, do i get CV+?

Olivia Oh replied 4 years ago

ok thank you

KCLau Staff replied 4 years ago

Yes.. you will get it included for the first year. Check email from Winvest Global. If you don’t get it after seven days of signing up for Bursa Method, email us to check for you.