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Josephine Ho asked 4 years ago

Hello, my subscription wil be expired on 28 Dec 2020. If I want to renew, how much do I need to pay?

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KCLau Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Josephine, we are replacing ChartViewPlus with BMStocks since Oct 2020.
It comes together with Bursa Method Platinum membership. More details here:

Daniel Fong answered 3 years ago

Hi KC – Is there a upgraded version for CV+ that is able to screen stocks for other Stock Exchange (e.g. HKSE, NYSE)? If Yes, how much does that cost?

KCLau Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Daniel, CV+ don’t have global stocks data. You can check out Webpro. So far it is the most affordable for Malaysians. You can get a discount if subscribe through my company. Email me if you are interested.