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Alvin Leong asked 6 years ago

Hi KC,
i change from shareinvestor to chartviewplus.
i notice chartviewplus missing 2 important information to ease member to evaluate a company.

  1. there is no history per year for Number Of Outstanding Shares.
  2. there is no history per year for Dividend payout or Dividend per share.

i only can find the latest year number of outstanding shares & Dividend per share in “Ratio Comparison” section.
can we request chartviewplus programmer to add in these 2 info to ease our member calculation?
thx thx.

5 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Alvin, thanks for the feedback. We will send this request to them.

KCLau Staff answered 6 years ago

The data download button

KCLau Staff answered 6 years ago

Per share analysis button – to see dividend per share history

KCLau Staff answered 6 years ago

See historical total share outstanding

lim answered 5 years ago

hi i want to ask how reliable is the chartview plus data? when we do analysis can we extract data from chartview plus only or we should double confirm source from annual report as well? thank you

KCLau Staff replied 4 years ago

Alex, we include the CV+ for members, that has the data. You probably joined the free version on their website.
We will submit the order and they will email you with the login details in a few days.

Alex Lim replied 4 years ago

Sry KC i found and register already also the interface changed so we no longer get to search in such detail.

Alex Lim replied 4 years ago

Hi KC just wanna check I just joined Today and would like to find out where can I access the Chart View Plus?

KCLau Staff replied 5 years ago

For past 10 years.. we use CV+ as initial data. Then we look at the latest quarterly result from company accouncement. If there are no data that is out of place, we will proceed with the existing data.