CBIP Warrant. Whether to sell or hold

Q & ACBIP Warrant. Whether to sell or hold
Gim Guan Chuah asked 7 years ago

Hi KCLau,
Thank you for the April session 2 training regarding ekowest warrant.
I am now holding CBIP FREE warrant issued on 7/11/15 with 5 year maturity in 6/11/19. Basing from what I learn from the training, it is not worthwhile to continue holding CBIP warrant. Below is the details and the reason why it’s better for me to sell the warrant now.
Present Stock Pr : 2.07
Warrant Pr ; 0.37
Excercice Ratio : 1.1
Excercice Pr : 2.40
Warrants Issue : 88,409,815
CBIP issues : 538,409,815
Settlement : Shares
1 Do you think it is wiser for me to sell the warrant now because it cost more of 2.77 (2.40 + 0.37) than the mother share. Note I did not consider the implied discount rate and the drop in intrinsic value after the warrant are excercised.
2. Correct me if I am wrong, I do not understand why do traders purchase such warrants at a such a premium cost. They must have a reason for this purchase. e.g. Do fund manager purchase warrant to become a major shareholder?
1. Can you send me the spreadsheet for the above spreadsheet.

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KCLau Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Gim Guan, we had covered your questions in detail during this Platinum session: https://bursamethod.com/platinum/matrix-tambun-cbipwarrant/
Minute 41:55

Gim Guan Chuah replied 7 years ago

Mr. KC Lau, Thank you so much.