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Q & shows invalid login
Diana Tan Ai Hsin asked 3 years ago

May I know what is your log in username and password for
I have used the BursaMethod username and password to log in but unfortunately login invalid.
Can you guide me how to log into

1 Answers
KCLau Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Diana,
Please be informed that BMStocks replaced ChartViewPlus since Oct 2020. 
The account is only given to members who joined after Oct 2020, and the Platinum members who renew since Oct 2020.
You joined Bursa Method in Sept 2020. So you have got ChartViewPlus for a whole year. When you renew in Se 2021, you will get BMStocks instead.
Hope this is clear.
I also sent you the login details for ChartViewPlus via email.