Answer for What is the best time to submit stock order using online platform?

1a) Last Done Price is the price that is last traded, which is basically a match between one buyer’s price with a seller’s price. 1b) Best Sell Price is the lowest price somebody who wants to sell that stock that have not matched with any buyer. If you put a price lower than this price to sell your stock, your price will be the “best sell price” if there’s no match with the “best buy price” below. 1c) Best Buy Price is the highest price somebody who wants to buy that stock that have not matched with any seller. If you put a price higher than this price to buy this stock, your price will be the “best buy price” if there’s no match with the “best sell price” above.  
2. I wish i know. There was once Buffett did not want to pay 1/8 of a dollar more for a stock, and he misses a multi bagger. The stock turns out to be Walmart.

Thus, when i found a good company run by management who acts in the best interest of the owner at a good price (with reasonable margin of safety), and I can’t find a better alternative to my money at that time, i usually buy, and don’t mind paying slightly more (for a good night sleep), regardless when is the time. 

p/s: If you found a superb investment, i don’t mind even if you call me at 1 am. 🙂 3. Just because your price is lower than “Best Selling Price”, it doesn’t mean it will match. Imagine you want to sell an apartment unit. Just because your apartment unit is the lowest price among all units that are for sale, it doesn’t mean your unit will be sold, especially when there’s no buyer. But unlike apartment unit above, you can be rest assured that your stock will be sold first if your price is the “Best Sell Price” (assuming that your stock is queued first in-case there’s other sellers also at that price).

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