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Hello Jason,
Yes, i do. Its one of the topic that i will be covering in one of video that i will be covering in the Platinum section later. Anyway, to answer your question:
1) Insurance is very important in a financial plan. Unless you’re financially free, you should get insurance (the right kind of policy).
2) A person should insure their shortfall between what their dependant needs and what that person have. A quick rule of thumb is between 3 to 8 years of a person’s annual income (though the needs approach is more accurate).
3) My whole family buys Investment-Linked, with minimum premium and maximum coverage. In short, we designed the investment-linked policy as if it’s a term insurance policy with virtually no cash value, and it covers up to age 100 (and possibly cheaper than term insurance too!).

Do send me your insurance policy for a case study (if you don’t mind). I would need the main page (which tells the types of coverage) and the projection page. Thanks!

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