Answer for how to we analyse a company's quarterly performance

Hello Bryan,
I usually have 2 ways to incorporate the latest quarter’s financial results.
1) Adding the the recent 4 quarter’s earnings. To do this, you can take the latest quarter’s (or half yearly) results, plus the recent annual earnings, then deduct last year’s quarter’s (or half yearly) results.
2) I compare the recent quarter’s (or half yearly) results to last year’s quarter’s results (or half yearly). If this year’s quarterly results is better than last year, then i don’t change much of the valuation, since it’s a better news. 🙂
Properly counted (if you take the latest 4 Quarter’s results, which is 12 months), it should not drag down ROE if the recent 4Q’s results is what the average earned by the company. 
I believe we did a live call on it on the calculation. Let me know should you need more explanations.

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