Answer for Analysis on Tecnic Group Berhad

The methods of value investing that we share at Bursa Method does not attempt to predict the movements of share prices in the short term. That would be within the realm of speculation.
In Value Investing, we don’t attempt to predict the market’s direction. Also, we don’t attempt to sell “high”. What we attempt to do, is to buy a dollar bills for 50 cents, thereby we make money when we buy, and not when we sell.  
And we usually sell when it’s between 90 cents to 110 cents to a dollar value. We don’t attempt to sell a dollar bill for 2 dollars (or even for 1.5 dollars). That is a speculator’s game.
I would like to stress that we should consistently stick to the criteria of a good business and ensure that we invest when the price is at least 33% below the intrinsic value. To prevent any permanent loss in capital, it is important to invest with a significant margin of safety. 

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Peter Lim

Investor (Not Speculator).